death to the literary establishment

"In u.v.ray's stories, nobody cares. Nobody cares at all. If hope is a meal you can't keep down nowadays, eat this."

"He writes a powerful glimpse into a frenzied world. Slams you in the gut and keeps at it."​
 "We’re sharply hauled into a nihilistic world of misogyny, misanthropy, drugs, booze, bad men and women.  A kick in the eye with a stiletto heel." 
"one of the most powerful voices of the literary underground. Iconoclastic and irreverent, he is the necessary antidote to the smug commercialism of formulaic publishers and their profit seeking margins."

"New Contemporary British fiction doesn't get any better." 

u.v.ray is from Birmingham, England. 


"If I had been bound in u.v.ray's body - I could have written this book"

- Charles Manson